Wear Different...Look Different... Be Different.

I live in a small town in Connecticut, I'm a self-taught artist whose work is inspired by everyday life.
My distinctive leather cuffs, tassel necklaces, multi strand and Native/Nomad/ tribal leather necklace represent my often changing state of ideas, as well as my love for the feel, colors and scents of leather. My designs incorporate new and recycled leather, glass, metals, and African clay beads, often include unusual vintage elements collected from small shops and markets around the world.
Each cuff and necklace is unique, and tells a story based on my experiences: supple leathers in green and purple combine with strong blue zippers to invoke a colorful marketplace in India; soft brown leathers and antique watch parts commemorate the passing of a childhood friend.

Custom orders can also be designed utilizing a client’s pieces to reflect the interests of the clients for whom they are created.
Each cuff takes an average of 18-20 hours for the simpler ones and 28-30 hours for the more complex ones.

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